Franklin Township Soccer Club

of Indianapolis, Indiana


It is only through all of the hard work and dedication of our club volunteers that make the Franklin Township Soccer Club a success. We encourage parents to become involved and actively participate by volunteering. As the saying goes, many hands make light work!


Prior coaching experience is not necessary, particularly for the younger age groups. Each season, the club offers a Coaching Clinic for all Coaches and Assistant Coaches. The Clinic provides rules review, safety topics, and hands-on instruction, as well as resource materials to help coaches develop practice drills and activities.

There are Coaches Clinics Scheduled each season please keep looking for the dates to be sent out by your Age Group Coordinator.

As part of the Indiana Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) Risk Management program, all club coaches and assistant coaches must register on their secure website for a background check every two years. The registrar will be sending out emails after we place a coach on Teams we ask that you do this by the time of the 1st practice.

In addition to the Coaching Clinic materials, the Internet is an excellent source of information as well. Here are some links to get you started:

Team Manager/Team Parent

This role is for those volunteers who aren't interested in coaching, but still want to help out with the team. They assist the coach by making the team snack schedule, distributing club newsletters and pictures, scheduling concession stand volunteers for the team's timeslot, and other similar activities.

FTSC Board

The club has frequent needs for volunteers to staff positions on our Board. The Board is elected at the conclusion of the each Spring season for the next year. See the Contact Us page for a list of Board positions and feel free to contact any Board Member for more information about a position.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the above roles, the club can also use volunteers to work in the concession stand, line fields, help with team pictures, and wash cars in the parking lot. OK, well maybe not the last one, but we really could use any help we can get. This can be a one time deal or as often as you'd like to help out. Contact any Board Member or send us an email including what you'd like to do.

If you have questions about becoming a volunteer please contact us or call us at (317) 767-1077.