Franklin Township Soccer Club

of Indianapolis, Indiana

FTSC Travel division

Travel soccer, at FTSC, is a highly competitive program, which is geared towards producing long term players of the game. In order to be considered for travel, players must attend a club sanctioned try-out in which they will be evaluated based upon a set of predetermined criteria. Even though all players are invited to try-out not all will be asked to join a team. Once asked to join, playing time is not guaranteed and often times could fluctuate based upon a child’s performance from one week to the next. Being part of a team does not automatically lock in a spot for the player for next year. Instead players will be required to try-out again every year in order to keep their spot. While our Coachs are not paid, they have obtained at minimum a State Level E license and also bring with them a wealth of experience to the teams they lead. Travel is a highly competitive world where continuous player and team development is the most important aspect.

Curt Gilbreath

FTSC Travel Soccer Director

soccer silhouette (Boys U09) 08 Blue
Head CoachDan Weber
Assistant CoachCurtis Gilbreath
soccer silhouette (Boys U10) 07 Blue
Head CoachTravis Phelps
Assistant CoachJustin von Buchle
soccer silhouette (Boys U11) Dust Devils Blue
Head CoachBrad Anderson
Assistant CoachGrant Vaught
soccer silhouette (Girls U11) 06 Lady Hurricanes White
Head CoachBryan Bailey
Assistant CoachWes Novak
soccer silhouette (Girls U12) 05 Lady Hurricanes Blue
Head CoachWes Novak
Assistant CoachBryan Bailey
soccer silhouette (Boys U13) 04 Blue
Head CoachCharles Winslow
Assistant CoachMark Lemasters
soccer silhouette (Girls U13) 04 Blue
Head CoachShane McConaha
soccer silhouette (Boys U14) 03 Blue
Head CoachOmar Khairy
Assistant CoachLonnie Perry
soccer silhouette (Boys U15) 02 Blue
Head CoachDan Weber
Head CoachTravis Phelps
soccer silhouette (Boys U16) Vipers
Head CoachAngelo Ablog

If you have questions please contact us via email or our telephone hotline 317-771-4066.